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Major Employers

The strengths of Yorkton's economy have long centred around manufacturing, construction and construction trades, information and cultural industries, professional services, scientific and technical services, retail trade, education, healthcare, and administration.

Mining and food processing are emerging sectors in Yorkton and area, with a potash mining operation expected to be developed in the coming years immediately south of Yorkton, and two new food processing plants just west of Yorkton having gone into operation in recent years.

Potash mining is not new to the region, with large mines having been in operation south-east of Yorkton for many years. Those mines are undergoing expansion, and Yorkton is becoming the hometown of choice of many workers coming to work in the mines.

Yorkton has more than 1,100 registered businesses which employ over 7,500 workers. Nine of those businesses have more than 100 employees. The vast majority are small to mid-sized businesses, many of them locally owned, which provide secure employment for a few to several dozen staff.



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