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Starting a Business

A well-educated and skilled workforce, moderate property taxes, and stable commercial, industrial and residential sectors have fostered Yorkton's emergence as one of Saskatchewan's most promising economic regions.

Recently, Alberta Venture magazine labeled Yorkton one of the Best Communities for Business in the category of Community on the Rise.

While Yorkton is home to a number of large national and multi-national businesses and plants, the large majority of Yorkton's businesses are smaller locally owned enterprises, many started by local people who saw an opportunity. The spirit of entrepreneurship is alive and well in Yorkton, and various services are available to assist those who want to bring their good idea to reality.

Small to medium business loans are available to start a new business or even expand an existing business in Yorkton.

Yorkton's financial institutions are a source of loans, and small business loans are also available through Small Business Loan Associations (SBLA) operated under the supervision of the Yorkton Chamber of Commerce and the federal Community Futures Ventures organization. 


SBLA is a provincial program that makes funds available to entrepreneurs through local, community-run associations. Financing is available up to $20,000 for new and existing businesses that may have difficulty obtaining traditional financing.

An individual business is eligible for the maximum $20,000 loan under the program, including any entrepreneur who has experienced difficulty in obtaining financing through traditional means (bank or credit union). SBLA loans are available for entrepreneurs with a new business idea, the development of a new business or the expansion of an existing business. An SBLA generally judges businesses on their ability to create jobs and to add services to communities. The intent of the program is to provide help to entrepreneurs who otherwise might not get started.

Businesses not eligible for assistance are those engaged in direct farming, exploration (e.g. mining and oil extraction), residential real estate and multi-level marketing. Charitable organizations do not qualify for assistance.


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