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Shopping and Food Services

Yorkton has one major indoor shopping mall, several retail and service strip malls, a number of box stores, along with numerous other stores, restaurants, lounges and entertainment venues.

As the centre of a large trading area with a population of nearly 200,000, Yorkton is home to many franchises and outlets of national chains. Throughout the city, locally-owned retail businesses provide an extensive variety of products to shoppers. There are over 1,100 businesses registered in the city.

Yorkton also has numerous restaurants and cafes where residents enjoy time with family and friends. The major food franchies are well-represented, and several restaurants serve international cuisine, including Chinese, Japanese, other Asian specialties, Greek and North American.

Major retail areas include:

  • Parkland Mall (photo above right), Broadway Street East and Highways 9 and 16; major retailers include Canadian Tire, Sobeys, Shoppers Drug Mart, Value Village;
  • Downtown Yorkton (photo at right), primarily between Livingstone Street and Smith Street, from Maple Avenue in the west to Highway 9 and 16 in the east;
  • Linden Square Mall, 385 Broadway Street East;
  • York City Plaza, Broadway Street East in downtown Yorkton; major retailer is Liquidation World;
  • Yorkton Co-op Marketplace food store, Fourth Avenue South at Argyle Street in downtown Yorkton;
  • Crossroads Centre, Broadway Street East; major tenants include Tim Hortons and Wendy’s, Giant Tiger;
  • Painted Hand Casino/Gallagher Centre area on West Broadway, from Highway 10 in the east to Bradbrooke Avenue in the west;
  • Broadway Mall, 69-89 Broadway Street West; tenants include Nutters;
  • Flamingo Square Mall, 84-86 Broadway Street East; tentants include Robin's Donuts.

Box stores located in the east side of Yorkton include Wal-Mart, Staples, Superstore and The Brick. Retail and service businesses are also located along Highway 10, east of Yorkton.

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