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Emergency Services

If you need to contact police, ambulance services or the fire department anywhere in Yorkton and Saskatchewan, you may call 911 to be connected to a central 24-hour emergency answering service.

You will be asked a few questions, including your location and some information about the emergency. The 911 service will then dispatch the necessary emergency personnel and equipment to assist you.

Police and Fire Department

In Yorkton and area, the RCMP provide policing services on behalf of the city and the rural areas.

The Yorkton Fire Department provides fire protection in the city, and also assists in accidents and other emergencies. To report a problem to police or the fire department, call 911 from any telephone.


Ambulance service in Yorkton and area is provided through the Sunrise Health Region. If you require emergency ambulance service, call 911 from any telephone.

Victims Services

Parkland Victims Services is a police-based crisis intervention program funded by the Victims Services program of  Saskatchewan Justice & Attorney General. It works in partnership with the RCMP and the community to provide the best possible service to victims of crime. Parkland is one of 18 victim services programs in the province of Saskatchewan, and is a completely confidential and free service.

Parkland Victims Services also has one of seven Aboriginal Resource Officer programs in the province. This program helps Aboriginal victims of crime and their families by providing services such as information, support and referral. Aboriginal Resource Officers work with the Victims Services program as a team and are the liaison between the police and the aboriginal community.

Parkland Victims Services provides services to individuals who live in the communities and reserves policed by Yorkton City RCMP, Yorkton Rural RCMP, Kamsack RCMP and Broadview RCMP.


For all emergencies, call 911 from any telephone
Parkland Victims Services
contact information
Yorkton: 306-786-2400
Kamsack: 306-542-5577
Broadview: 306-696-5200