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Cultural and Religious Organizations

Local and international culture is celebrated in Yorkton, a community founded by immigrants at the end of the 19th century in an area long inhabited by First Nations people. We have not forgotten our roots.

The Godfrey Dean Art Gallery curates, exhibits and promotes the work of local, provincial and national contemporary artists. Comprised of two galleries with over 2,000 square feet of space, exhibitions are changed every six to eight weeks throughout the year.

The Saskatchewan Western Development Museum (WDM) Story of People is one of the four branches, which exhibits the social and economic history for the province of Saskatchewan.

The Yorkton Film Festival, founded in 1947, is the longest running festival of its kind in Canada and is held every year in May, presenting the Golden Sheaf Award to the winning entries.

Folk dancing and the folk arts are encouraged by Yorkton’s cultural organizations. Due to the influx of international immigrants from different places of the world, the Yorkton Newcomer Welcome Centre organizes the Festival of Cultures every year in Yorkton.

Several organizations in Yorkton are members of the Multicultural Council of Saskatchewan, including the Yorkton and District Multicultural Council, the Yorkton Film Festival, and Yorkton Mental Health Dropin Centre.


Twenty-three churches, including those representing all major Christian denominations, conduct regular services and activities for the residents of Yorkton and area.

Other religions are also very active in Yorkton and hold their prayers on a daily and weekly basis.


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